Photographing weddings and getting to witness the excitement and anticipation, all the big and little moments, is what I was always meant to do. Does that sound cliché? I mean every word!


these are a few of my


Tyler and Lou are who I spend my days with. We eat dinner together as a family every night (when I'm not shooting a wedding!) and it's my favorite part of the day. We play Table Topics and make Lou eat vegetables.


No coffee, no workee. This sums up my day. I drink coffee every day and pretty much sip on one cup over the course of four hours. That's why I drink it out of my Yeti cup because it keeps it hot! Couldn't live without that thing.


We called it home for nearly five years. Lou was born there! I learned so much about Spanish culture and just how diverse of a country Spain is through visiting its different regions. But out of all Spanish cities, Barcelona is my No.1. It'll forever feel like home to us.


We live to travel! We prioritize this over things like fancy cars. We try to take one big trip a year. I love traveling for weddings too, but even when it's just for fun, my camera comes with me. And usually a lot of film.


We're music buffs around here, and I love showtunes. Lately, I'm obsessed with Hamilton. I haven't seen it, but I know all the music. Lou even sings along to it! It's coming to Dallas 2019, so we have something to look forward to!


Vogue and Martha Stewart Weddings are two of my favorite magazines and where I get a lot of inspiration. I'm a sucker for buying magazines and nail polishes. You'll always see me with painted nails. I often do them myself and Essie "Muchi Muchi" is my go to.


Dallas Wedding Photographer

I’m a Dallas-based film & digital Wedding photographer who loves her job! I’m also a mom to Lou (she’s an adorable, hilarious and crazy toddler!) and wife to Tyler (my BFF and the smartest person I know). So how would I describe my work? Spontaneous and natural with an emphasis in photojournalism and fine art. I capture the overall mood and ambiance of your wedding day, including you and your guests, but I also compose detail shots – your dress, jewelry, invitation suite – as well as create beautiful images of you both together in an editorial style.

My goal on your wedding day is to gracefully and discretely capture the moments that show you and your partner truly in love, to frame you among your family and friends who are there to celebrate you, and to deliver timeless images that will be shared with your future generations.