I’d like to share some things about what I do to help
make your wedding day one of your favorite days you’ll ever have!

1. I care about you and making sure you have the best day ever! Yes, my job is to create amazing photographs that you'll treasure for years and years, but it's also to help make your life a little easier throughout the process of planning your wedding AND on your wedding day so you can take it all in and enjoy the day.

2. I use top of the line equipment (go Canon!) and I know how to use it. I'm prepared for any tricky lighting scenarios that could come up, have worked in dark churches that don't allow flash and lighted dance floors in caves.

3. What I wear to a wedding, how I interact with other vendors, etc. is extremely important to me. I dress professionally and appropriately for your wedding day. Sometimes, kinda like a guest so I can blend in.

4. 45 days before your wedding day, I send you a questionnaire. I ask for things like addresses, backup phone numbers, vendor info, and a family photo shot list. This is also about the time when we start talking about the wedding day timeline. This helps us in getting organized and resting assured that I know where I need to be and when.

5. The day of the wedding, I arrive about three hours before the ceremony (give or take depending on the schedule). My second photographer and I shoot candids throughout the day, with the exception of details (dress, shoes, etc.) and formal and family photos. The majority of our day is spent capturing the day as it happens with limited imposition.

I'm always happy to meet up for coffee or talk on the phone to go over any questions or concerns you might have.