3 Tips on What to Wear for Your Engagement Session

As you can imagine, one of the questions I hear most often as a Dallas wedding photographer is what to wear for your engagement session. You can find so many ideas around the web and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. I have 3 easy tips on how to plan without overthinking it:

1. Dress like YOU.
This might sound overly simplified, but I always stress this because when you show up comfortable and feeling great to a shoot, it’ll 100% show through. I had a gorgeous bride who lives in heels. Her fiance (now husband – woo-hoo!) told me she once packed heels on a camping trip. When I hear stories like that, I think-yes! Let’s glam it up date-night-style for the engagement shoot! And they did! And it worked! When your guy feels great in a suit too, it’s perfect. A match made in heaven!

Likewise, if you’re a live-in-your-favorite-jeans kinda girl, then rock those jeans for your engagement session! You can always take it up a notch by wearing a pretty blouse. If you’re both in jeans, you get this automatically cool and relaxed vibe which is great!


2. Dress with the location in mind. Just like you wouldn’t wear a cathedral-length veil for a garden wedding, you wouldn’t want to wear four-inch+ heels if we’re shooting on the sand at the beach. Again, if you’re more comfortable in a dress, there are dresses that work with outdoorsy areas that you can pair with pretty sandals, and your groom can step it up a bit with a collared shirt and linen shorts.

3. Steer clear of overtly trendy prints or styles. I’m all about conveying a sense of timelessness in my images, so I recommend keeping prints (if you go the print route) classic and the style not too trendy. The dress below is modern and edgy but still maintains a beautiful classic vibe that I think will stand the test of time.

Monahans Texas Engagement Session

I’m always happy to offer advice on what to wear if you need it. I’ve had couples text me outfit ideas, and I love to be part of that process! For more on how I can help you with wedding and/or engagement photography session, visit my services page, What I Offer.