Anniversary Shoot in Barcelona

August 22, 2013

Adrienne and Jason are currently celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary with a big trip to Spain. They were in Barcelona for a couple of days, so we met in the Gothic Quarter to commemorate the occasion with a photo shoot. I had started following Adrienne’s personal blog after she got in touch with me regarding the shoot. Reading her posts felt like talking (or listening, I guess) to a friend, and by the time we met in Plaça Reial, I felt like we’d already met. She and Jason are both incredibly easy to be around. We talked a lot about what life is like in Barcelona, stuff we love about back home, their family. I had a great time. I know, I know…I say this all the time. But I feel so lucky to get to meet so many wonderful and happy people and document so much love as often as I get to. I’m approaching my fourth wedding anniversary, so it was so inspiring to hang with Adrienne and Jason and see how much they’ve done and how happy they are 20 years in to their marriage and friendship. Sigh. Okay, that’s it for the sappiness (for now). Congrats to you, Adrienne and Jason, and I hope you’re enjoying your trip!