Dallas Newborn Photographer | Welcome Baby Stella

February 24, 2021

We had some frigid weather last week that resulted in power outages and water main breaks for thousands of people across Texas. We personally experienced a power outage that lasted a few days – From about 4 AM Monday morning to Wednesday evening. We are fortunate to have had the option to stay with my parents those days, so aside from the inconvenience that comes with not being at home, our experience pales in comparison to what many families around the state experienced. Some having to boil their water due to contamination, some without any water at all for days, some in freezing temperatures inside their homes without power, and most devastating, losing loved ones including children. I can hardly fathom how this was able to happen and it makes my heart heavy thinking of what people are still grappling with. All this is really to say that if you were affected last week, I hope you’re well and safe.

Now moving on to a happy note – baby girl Stella. I’ve had the honor of documenting some major milestones for Trang and Ken – from their engagement and wedding to Trang’s pregnancy, and now, baby Stella! Here are some photos from their lifestyle newborn session at home. The first few weeks with a newborn baby are so special and magical. I’m so happy for this family!

I’m Jessica, a wedding and portrait photographer based in Dallas, Texas. I believe in offering beautiful and timeless photographs of you and your family that show you in a loving and authentic way. It’s important to me to document you in such a way that displays who you are as a family and preserve your moment in time. That might sound corny, but I believe when you become a parent, time moves incredibly quickly! Parenthood can bring joy and heartache, often times simultaneously! As a mother myself, I make it a point to have my family photographed twice a year. Kids change so quickly!

My goal is to create something for you that you can cherish for years to come. Something that marks a specific time in a specific place and your family as it is. For more information or to book a family portrait session, contact me today.