Downtown Dallas Wedding, Zach + Quyen

October 31, 2016

Zachary and Quyen had their first date at Thanks-Giving Square in Downtown Dallas, so after their wedding ceremony and reception, we headed down to this spot for some photos. The day was hot hot hot, but these two were great sports and were just excited about getting some sweet photos in this important spot. Here are a few images from the afternoon. Congrats to Zachary and Quyen!

dallas-wedding-photographer-zq-1 dallas-wedding-photographer-zq-2 dallas-wedding-photographer-zq-3 dallas-wedding-photographer-zq-4 dallas-wedding-photographer-zq-5 dallas-wedding-photographer-zq-6 dallas-wedding-photographer-zq-7 dallas-wedding-photographer-zq-8 dallas-wedding-photographer-zq-9 dallas-wedding-photographer-zq-10