Dublin Storefronts

August 2, 2013

Tyler and I went to Dublin at the end of June and really fell in love with the city. The people are so nice and welcoming, and the city is beautiful. Some of my favorite things about it were all the cool storefronts and facades and the brightly painted doors. Here are a few of my favorites taken with my iPhone and edited through VSCO (minus the last photo. Tyler took that one:)

I love the type in this sign/logo:

the hanging baskets like the ones you see here were really typical and framed a lot of the pubs in the temple bar neighborhood:

elephant and castle – some of the best spicy wings we’ve ever had and a super simple yet cool storefront:

This Fitzsimons sign has a nice art deco/Gatsbyesque feel to it…

Sweny’s is the pharmacy where Ulysses’s Bloom buys Molly a bar of lemon soap. Tyler bought me one too and then we returned later that evening for a reading from the novel.

You can’t see it here, but written on one of the white columns is “It was better when the artist was allowed to live here.” Made me a little sad.

How awesome are some of these places? Have you ever been to Dublin? This was our first time and we look forward to going again and hopefully spending more time there.