Lou at 18 Months

February 26, 2016

This little girl turned 18 months a couple of days ago on February 24th. I remember posting her six-month photos here and it doesn’t feel like that long ago. These days she’s mimicking everything we say and do. She says “Hiiiii” and “Byeeee” to people when we’re out and about, feeds Peppa Pig with a little baby bottle while making sucking sounds. She says Sssssss and roars through the back of her throat when she sees the snake and lion in “Dear Zoo” and she is climbing on anything and everything. These days, I’m taking her to the Little Gym and she loves it. She’s becoming her own little person and it’s so fun to watch. Her hair is also so much curlier than it used to be. Just want to jot these things down so I never forget. Love my little Lou, aka Bean, aka Flea.

lou-18-months-2 lou-18-months-3