Rehearsal Dinner Beach Party, Costa Brava, Spain

August 1, 2015

Miriam and Adam hosted a welcome beach party for their wedding guests at a chiringuito, or beach bar, at L’Estartit beach in the gorgeous Costa Brava–the northern coast of Catalunya, Spain. Many of their guests traveled from the US for their wedding that was held at Miriam’s childhood home in Girona. The beach party was a nice laid-back affair and a great way for guests to meet each other the night before the wedding. Here are some images from the evening. I’m looking forward to posting some wedding photos soon!

jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-1 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-3 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-4 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-5 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-6 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-9 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-11 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-13 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-14 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-15 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-18 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-19 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-20 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-21 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-23 jessica-quadra-ma-costa-brava-26