Destination Wedding in Catalunya, Spain

August 4, 2015

Miriam and Adam’s wedding was the last one I shot in Spain so it was quite bittersweet for me. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot several weddings in gorgeous locations around Spain, particularly Catalunya, and weddings at home are always my favorite.

This lovely couple was married at Miriam’s childhood home, so it held a lot of sentimental value for both Miriam and Adam since they’ve had the chance to travel from San Francisco to Girona to the house throughout their relationship. The group at the wedding was made up of family and friends who traveled from the US as well as old friends and family from the area. The evening was relaxed, happy, and so beautiful.

The event was organized by the awesome Yasmina of Portal de L’Eixample who also happens to be Miriam’s childhood friend. When you’re planning a destination wedding, it makes a world of difference to have a great planner and wedding coordinator. Here are some images from the day. Congrats and best wishes, Miriam and Adam!

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Dear Jessica,

I am Gilles, the “Monsignor”/offciant of Miriam and Adam’s wedding. Congratulations for the photos. You really catched the sweattness and happiness that surrounded this ceremony. You are very talented and sensitive photographer and will surely recommend you if anybody I know need to illustrate a ceremony. Melania told me that more photo will be up-loaded. I can’t wait to see them.

Thank you and kind regards,


Thank you so much, Gilles! It was such a beautiful wedding and you did a lovely job at the ceremony. I sent Miriam and Adam all the photos so they can share them with you.
Kind regards to you and your family,