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The First Look: Do or Don’t?

For some couples, the first look is a hard no. They want to keep the element of surprise until the walk down the aisle, and the tradition is important to them. I totally understand this and would never push a couple in the other direction if they’re sure of what they want. That said, I’m all for doing a first look. I say it’s a DO! So let’s talk about the advantages of doing a first look…

Gloria Ferrer Winery Sonoma Wedding

Tyler and I did a first look at our wedding, so I can tell you from my personal experience, one of the best parts about it was being able to walk down the aisle nerves-free and really taking in the moment. I was feeling a little anxious – just the normal jitters that come with having your wedding day finally arrive and wanting to be sure everything is going as you expected it to. When I saw Tyler in that sweet, private moment, all those nerves dissipated. Once it came down to walk down the aisle, I was just excited – no more jitters! And I could really look around at our guests and at Tyler and just be excited that we were getting married! And neither of us felt like this moment was any less special because we had already seen each other.

Gloria Ferrer Winery Sonoma Wedding

Another huge benefit from a logistical perspective is having more time for photos and you getting to enjoy your cocktail hour. I’ll explain! When couples decide to do a first look, we allocate time for you to have that private moment together before your ceremony. After your first look, we can get wedding party and immediate family photos taken care of. That way, after your ceremony, we can get extended family photos, a few of the two of you (if we didn’t get enough beforehand) and then you can make it to your cocktail hour to enjoy your guests!

Gloria Ferrer Winery Sonoma Wedding

We’re able to capture some photos of the two of you in a happy and stress-free manner, so you can more easily be in the moment and just relax and enjoy your wedding day and the people who are there to celebrate you!

Gloria Ferrer Winery Sonoma Wedding

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