Family Photo Shot List

You may have already pinned ideas of poses you’d like for your wedding day portraits, but also very important is making a shot list of family formals and who needs to be in them. I send out a wedding questionnaire a month and half before your wedding where you’re able to submit this list along with names of parents, bridal party, etc. For this family shot list, I always ask that you list each person’s first name who will be in the photo. This makes the process run quickly and smoothly, (and avoids me awkwardly calling out for “Uncle Steven’s wife”). See the example below!

As a Dallas wedding photographer, my job is to capture your wedding day and deliver timeless and beautiful photos! But also, I work to get organized so that you can be in the moment and enjoy your day and not worry about checking things off a list. You can leave that to me! Learn more about my services and what I offer here.